Fun Camping

This is a funny video of my brother in laws and myself on one of our last camping trips trying to karate chop wood,


Conical Fermenter taking shape

The Ace Rotomold Full drain inductor tank was delivered the other day.  I didnt get a chance to work on it until Saturday.

My plan was to take an empty 30 gallon drum, donated so kindly from my neighbor, and turn it upside down and cut the bottom out of it. 

Then take the inductor tank and place that over the cutout.

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Inductor Tank Ordered

The Conical Project has begun, after 2 years of himming and haughing.  I finally pulled the trigger.  A close friend and fellow brewer finally talked me into it.  We ordered two Ace Rotomold 15 gallon inductor tanks.  That was the first step in the next brewing project.  Stay tuned to the project area for pictures and instructions.  I know there are people out there that don't believe in using "plastic" conicals.  I figured for the price of the tank and the ballvalve.  It's about 4 1/2 brew bucket purchases.     This will easily allow me to ferment 10 gallon batches, harvest yeast easier and allow the beer to go untouched from primary to secondary.  There are some downsides to plastic, but for the price and the advantages just listed its worth a try.  Stay tuned for a full parts list that will be used and full instructions.



Lapdog Sponsored Events

Here are a few upcoming events that Lapdog Brewery will be sponsoring or partially sponsoring. These are just a few local get togethers that LDB will have samples at.

Fox Road Wing Walk Poker Run and Keib Family Spud Gun Competition


The Wing Walk was a great success for the Lapdog Brewery team, the brews that were made on the "First Double Brew Day" were a success, they were a little lighter and seemed to go over quite well. At the end of the day, there was only about a gallon of the Kolsch and ESB left. The other brews that I had on tap in my kegerator were hit pretty well also, the IPA was finished and the Scottish Ale was well liked. A kicker to the day was my wife and I won the award for "Best Wings". We cooked up 20 lbs and made 4 varieties; plain/BBQ, Golden Garlic, Louisiana Lickers and Buckeye BBQ. All the sauces came from Quaker Steak and Lube

I think it was the Golden Garlic that made the lasting impression.


Next update will be after the Spud Gun Competition, stay tuned

I have posted a few photos on picasweb showing my beer projects