Conical Fermenter taking shape

The Ace Rotomold Full drain inductor tank was delivered the other day.  I didnt get a chance to work on it until Saturday.

My plan was to take an empty 30 gallon drum, donated so kindly from my neighbor, and turn it upside down and cut the bottom out of it. 

Then take the inductor tank and place that over the cutout.

From conical fermentor

By using just my jigsaw I was able to make quick work of the barrel.  My initial cut was to leave about 1/2 inch of the bottom on the barrel.

The would have worked and would have been stable enough when the conical was full but I thought it was a bit "tippy".  

The inductor tanks has molded into it a place for ring of the stand to fit into it.  So I wanted to make use of that.  I couldnt get a good measurement on the tank so I took a chance and started cutting away more of the bottom.  My third cut I said the heck with it and I cut the complete bottom off from the drum.  There was a small line, possibly were the bottom was attached to the sides of the drum.  I used that as a reference and cut about a 1/4" above that.

I then when to put the conical into the drum and it slid right tight the molded lip of the conical.




From conical fermentor

After settling down from the excitment of it fitting, I then proceeded to cut open an access hole to get at the bottom of the conical.  I noticed that the barrel had molded "bands" around it.  I didnt want to cut into them thinking it may weaken the drum.  So my access hole went from band to band and is about 10" wide.

To test the whole structure I placed the tank on the drum and put my full weight on the tank.  The tank did not slip into the drum and the drum did not collapse.  I think I'm good.

I just now need to create some sort of box or platform to raise this into the air so that I can get my corney kegs to slide underneath the ballvalve.